there is God

The world is silent

The dark covers the things

One can't see a hand

The dark imposed his will

The fear filled every heart

The legs are crossed

They can't almost moved

The selves wanted to escape

They wanted to run in fast

They dreamed that they found

That light who leads them to freedom

No movement, no light, no escape

They looked to the higher, to the sky

Who will save them from that iniquity?

Who will supply his hand?

Who will send the rays of light?

They were not filled with hope

They search and no one tell them

There, there the calling from the sky

Come ,come you will see yourself refine

You love your enemy and will try

To lead them to be free as they

The calling says the god is high

There is only one who can do

Who save you, lead you and clear you

If you obey you will be like as you

Have high soul and act like the whole

Who live there who live in the sky