They said

What did they say?
They said she is so beauty
You can’t believe that is right
I believe they told more than fact
I don’t pay attention about what
I heard and knew since last
Time I was in the suite she lived
But my friend came and told
Me that she was ill till dead
I went to visit her parents for sharing
Their sadness for her ill
They sat sad and said "God
May help her and did the miracle
I entered her room to have a look
When I saw her I don’t think
Her face was white
Her eyes were wide
Her mouth was so small
Than you trust it had teeth
And have tongue and space
to eat, to talk and breath
She was so smart
Even she was ill
I asked what she had
She opened her eyes and said
It is a gift from God
To examine who has patient
I asked from what
She complain and had pain
I went to the doctor who said
We wait to a miracle from God
To cure her and get her health
Boy pray for her if she is worth
I returned to her and asked
From what she complain
They said nothing
Except you could pray at right
Way for her God
And the suffer she caused for her lovers
They must have patient for that illness
Which became so longest
But they must have a little hope
As the end will be nearest
He parents couldn't keep their tears
And my tears ascended in anger
Like overflow who wants to destroy
Everything wants to obstruct his way
My heart filled with sadness
My mind asked why that
It was fell in depth of paralyzed
Now he can’t believe what is gone
I prayed to God to help and cure
To return her health
I cried so long
I sleep at sudden and dream good
On the morning I visited her parents
His father smiled with sad
That covered his pale face
He talked with intelligent
Saying tell me what is the dream
You had at previous night
I stopped with an astonish
I said who had told?