the deserve of avid

There was a frog
Looking at the fog
Sitting beside a dog
Saying with clear
I can made that frog
Away from our road
You will see the horizon
Away ,and the sun clear
The dog get down an ear
The frog said
You think I am liar
I can convert you
To be strong lion
No one can’t beat you
You can be the first one
The king of any person”
The dog loved at loud
Saying at mock
“Show me darling”
The frog looked at him
Saying some words
After collecting hands
“sara ,mara ,fands, mands
Made that fog dismissed
Clear that world
The fog was disappeared
The sun was cleared
The world become best
The dog became confident
He said “my friend!
Complete your favor!”
The frog collected his hands
Saying some words
“master, daster, fonds, wants’
Change that dog
 To be lion in strong”
The dog became strong
He changed to be lion
He roared very loud
He said at one word
“dear nearly friend
I will get ride
You of that world’
The frog looked sad
His fear was appeared
“Dear majesty is that my reward
To change you and convert”
The lion said
“yes ,and not to convert
Any one person
To share me in my world
He caught him with strong
Palm and said in frank
“choose your die
But before I eat you
Change my eye
To be wide and try
To make them saw behind’
He hesitated and squeezed
Him very strong
Said with frank
‘if  you mocked me
And returned me to a dog
You will be suffered
Pains than you faced”
The fog was sad
He still smart
His mind was used
He said after thought
He said with speed
‘saura, maura,hought’
Made his nails unused
And fall and be out  
Made his tusks
Safe and do not work
Make his eyes so big
and see with a long  “
his tusks were downed
his nails were fallen
his eyes were so big
they touched the land
her head was bowed
as his eyes were load
he cried and said
‘dearest ,frog dearest
Return me to be strong
I will forgive you first
I will do as you want’
The frog was downed
He collected his hands
Saying some words
“sky, high, roofs ,lands
Change him to be a dog
Tied at wall in strong”
The lion returned to the dog 
He screamed so loud
As he was tied
And returned to be a dog
The frog sang and danced
He frog he stood
Beside the ocean limits
He jumped up
The crocodile picked it
He died as he used
His knowing at the worst
The dog was tied
Till the crocodile
Eat him without
Wait or said a word
The dog got his deserve 
As he was avid   
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