نتيجة بحث الصور عن صور عن الذئب والولد متحركة  
The wolf appeared
He howled
Every one disappeared
Hide, hide they said
The hearts shivered
The mind was absent
You must disappear
The boy did not fear
He might not discover
What will be gone
If he was caught
By that wild
He had a reason
To search for his mother
He called at every where
Mother, mother
There was no answer
What's matter
His sweat ascended
His temper was tensioned
He became anger
His heart 's fear converted
To be revenge
They met face to face
He said '
You hunt my mother
You ate my lover
You will not live
The wolf laughed at loud
Said good appetite to eat and feed
Surely small and fresh meat
What I need
He stood in front
Howled at loud
Jumped to the air
Toward the victim
Who knew the danger
He rolled front
The wolf dropped
The bou escaped over the bridge
The breathes stopped
The eyes opened
The mind thought
The winds up
The moon angered
The visions increased
The wolf chased
Saying my chance
Take my advice
And surrendered at once
The boy stopped
No way till I take
My mother right
And see her at sight
The wolf jumped
The boy caught
The mure in srong
And jumped in a circle
To another side
Over the bridge
The wolf fell
Down at the sea
The boy ran
He caught arrows
He pointed at his eyes
With fast and strong
With power and correct
The wolf was blind
He said after trapped
I don't consider
That boy's power
I was so proud
And I deserve what was happened
The boy aimed the arrow
Towards his heart
"where is my mother?
He cried at loud
He heard a sound
Boy ,boy
He turned around
Showing a ghost
Coming in speed
His eyes were opened
He saw his mother
He ran faster
The hanged stronger
The crowds cried
They greeted that courage