Make sure

Make sure that you love her
Say to all that you love her
You can't live away from her
You can't live without her
She is the sun that lights yours
And gives the warm for you
She gives the calm you ask for
She is the moon that guides
The heart at nights
That all lovers swear with it
That their lovers beauty as it
And they give them the happy as it
She is like the water that gives the life
She is like the planets that attractive
And give the means to make you live
In happy and funny world
And after that the word you told
That you live only for her for ever
Even the time gives you his hard
And turns his back to you
Even the all world stands against you
And your love you will be the true
You will not change for ever
As the mountain stands from past
It does not and will not change till the last
It repeated her names at every side
Challenges you at your telling
If you mention it for only one
But it mentions for more than one
Travel through hers you will notice
She has arms, eyes mouse as all
But she is the best than all
She is not smart than all
But she has the clearest than all
Her heart is so white
His mind is so wide
To forgive every worst
Hear ,hear to the wind
You will hear hers from side
Upper ,down ,left and right
Her name is hear so height
And drew upper so right
Say , say at high sound
There is one love you as mine
You dug at deepest heart
And you can’t be off without
Showing the bleeding of mine
Look to the planets those are green
Look to the birds those are singing
Look to the branches those are dancing
By the harmony of her name as calling