They said 2

I was confused
What has happened?
The oracle has returned
After the prophet time
Do you know that?
He said now tell
I said” an angel came
And said did you see that ill
Who truly suffered
You must pray indeed
To help her and get cured
She made a lot of best
She helped every one
The poor, the ills and the feckless
She had great smile
She didn’t leave anyone
Without happy ,his sad had gone
She can lift the load
To less the suffer of carrying
She fed who wants eating
She cried for other pain
She helped the lovers to gain
Their aim of love by being
Married and get their nest
She love all as her nearest
She invited the others for God
To pray, to obey ,to be good
She converted the bad to be good
She believed the future is good
The morning is the best
We must receive it with thought
That is the newest from God
She always said
Wait for the coming
It surely came with the perfect
All mentioned her with good
Pray, to your God”
His father cried a lot
I said “be calm
Everything will be good”
Now let us have a look
At her pretty face
We saw a lot of people
Gathered around
Praying to god
Wishing every good
They said “she ALWAYS says
Do good without wait
Of return a favor or  reward
Or say you are good
Do a reward to those hate
You and say with a wink
Why does he got
All worth and spend
It in junk thing
They say ”God gives to undeserved
He gave a circle to one
Who has no ear to put it”
They prayed and cried
Made us shared and cried