parce que

Why do you love her?
parce que she is smart
and has good face
and has elegance
her speech is few
in order with embellished
she looks with little
looks at her sight
she was admired
why do love her?
Parce que she has cloth
Good and suitable
Making people at all
Asking who choose hers?
She looks new and simple
Who can make as her
She was kind as her
Why do you love her?
Parce que she moves slowly
Looks at her walk only
Don’t gaze at walkers
Don’t laugh Lauder
And her sound is lighter
Why do you love her?
Parce que she has a lot of money
Looking good and happy
And her life goes easily
And she does not complain of difficult
Or hard at her tine
Pourquoi, Pourquoi
She answered” all
Your talk is good
But I want to tell
Who wants to love
Must look at my heart
And get its value
Remarked as human
Not as décor or as speech
I want to be a remarkable
At hearts, and minds
And be observed only to my lover
I will be so honest
My faith is my manner

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