Pourqui? Pourqui?

Pourqui? Pourqui?
Pourqui  je t’aime?
They asked me
They told me she is not so
Smart as you know
She is not so white
Or her face is not bright
Her elegance is quite
Moderate and less light  
I told them as I told you
You are the queen of the creatures
Your eyes took me deep than deepest
Ocean known in the past
Your speech is my thought
You look at mine as a child
So clear and innocent
Pourqui? pourqui?
Je  t’aime
Prace que
You are my life
Which begins
When our eyes
Meet in long deals
Between our hearts
No, between our souls
I can’t forget your look
I can’t forget your walk
I can’t forget your talk
That I am your hero
Only hero at your thought
You told me
I am the only man
Who digs at your mind
You reminded me
Your heart pumped mine
Only my name that is right
And they asked me
Pourqui? Pourqui?
Je  t’aime
As you think
I look at every one
I talked for more
I found who can carry
My heart at her side
Our souls tie
With long and high
Tie that can’t untie
Because we are loved
Not by bodies
Not by hearts those  inside
But by our souls
Pourqui? Pourqui?
Parce que
our love is so clear
we may not ask for porn
sex is not our demands
essentially demands
but to see you
 and your cheeks rosy
and you look at life
green and we dive
in seas of happy  

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