the unbeautiful woman 3

Samia said, "but it is so bad!"
He said," c'est la vai! I can't stop my calling heart for you. I swear with my God I love you. Didn't you hear the` song said,"
If they ask me to count stars, I will do
If they ask me to carry the mounts, I will do
If they ask me to move the clouds, I will do
But if they ask me to hate you, I will not do"
She felt with shame and her cheeks were gotten red, her voice was vibrated"
When Galal returned home, he found the` owner of the` home` which live in, stood in front of him. She`` said with high voice,"Mr. Galal, please search for a new home` as I need you flat you rent. My daughter will marry and Her Fiancé has bad luck to find a flat to live. I promise, when they found new one, I will rent it to you again."
He said with bad sound, ''Oh! All bad things occurred at once, like rains wanted in dessert. They didn't ascend at once. They ascended suddenly. The people there got in troubles,"
Mrs Ehsaan smiled and said, "You must wait the train, no train must wait you!"
He said, 'You are wise woman also" with mocking sound! He completed," Imagine how life is without you! It must be dessert and have no hope."
She cried and said, "The bird must return to his home!"
He asked for some days for searching a new flat. She agreed.   
Samia was invited with her parents to present a small invitation at Nader's home. The two families liked to know each other.
When they entered, Samira who is"Nader's mother" Ululated. She wanted to know Samia's family. They prepared lunch.
Nader said," Can you imagine, how beauty is! It is more beauty than her photo."
Her father got anger and said," Who gives you my daughter's photo?"
Nader said," I took a photo by mobile!"
Mahzoz" father of Samia said, 'who permit you photo my daughter! You are like the thief who wanted to steel money in the day time."
Samira shouted and said," my son is not a thief. Why you hate their love!"
Mahzoz said," what love! There is no love before marriage. This photo will make a big problem at my family. So, you must wipe it. Give me that mobile to wipe it"
Sherif is the father of Nader said,'' Wipe! Why? The photos of beautiful girls filled everything. You are lucky to get your daughter engaged with my good son!"
Mahzoz said," lucky. No, I will make her lucky bad"
"Come with me Samia" he called
He went with his family. Nader followed them, in spite of preventing his father. He wiped the photos and said," I can't wipe yours from my heart!"
On the following day, when Galal went to his work, he found his direct boss facing him saying,' leave your position and go to the upper floor. Leave everything to Mr. Nader. He will do your job till we found another one!''
He said," But Nader couldn't do this job!"
The direct manager who called Elesawy said, "Nader, no, he is mr.Nader!"
Galal got angry and went to Nader's office and said," you kidnapped everything from me, my position, and my salary and…."
Nader interrupted and said, "And your fiancée. Weill get engaged next Tuesday. Would you come please!"

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