The deathless love

She heard him coming
She knew bad news
He was beaten at the war
She had also bad thing
The doctor failed to cure her disease
Her heart became so far
Ill and bad are near
In violent, emotion or speed
She wanted him to forget
The beaten of the last battle
To get his mind clear and in order
She wore a transparent cloth
She made her body had a worth
To be nearest and hanged
She put a strong scent to be attracted
She prepared a good dinner for amusement
The lights were low and have brilliant
The music was low and has lovely meaning
He entered with anger and bad temper
He hanged her a long and kissed
He cried, cried
His tears were so warm
She dealt as child
She did a hard
Her heart was so ill
He could not work
She had gone
He looked at the sky
He said in way
Why, why?
He remembered his God
He asked for forgiveness
He asked for help
He gathered his army
He hided in the tricky
He said in confident
Their home wanted them
If they were looser
The home was gone
Their memories were be vanished
They must fight
With strong and hard heart
He made a plane
He let their enemies pass
He attacked as a rock
He ascended as a thunder
His soldiers saw what he had did
They attacked as dark
The enemies were lost
He went to his wife
He cried a lot
As he didn't cry at past
As he stopped his sad
Till the victory spread its wing
He buried hers
He made his home strongest
He retired
He didn't love any one
Except his dead one
Every morning went to her tomb
He talked her as she a live
He talked about his life
At once, he talked a lone
He bowed his head
Beside hers
He still without moves
The guards went to look
 He was gone
They made a big solace
Every one was so sad
He was called love's monk

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