The unbeautiful woman 2

Nader invited Samia to have lunch at club beside the river Nile. They sat at table. They saw ducks and geese. They threw to them small little of breads. The ducks and geese gathered around them calling a high calls. The waves moved slowly with its blue colored, making the self-get rest. The clouds were not appeared in spite of it was winter day. There was a little bit of cold and fresh air stricken over cheeks converted the self into happy and peace. If the man stayed there, he would certainly forget the time. He would got his bad manner into good and satisfied.
He said to her closing her eyes in emotional way and said, "We will get a big and wide flat that fit with your beauty!"
She smiled with shame. Her wide black eyes were closed. Her cheeks got red. She said in whisper, 'No, I don't want to make you worth a lot. You might get a suitable and un expensive flat!"
He laughed and said,"do you know why I love you?"
She said, "No!"
He said," because your humility, courage and contour."
He completed," how to you enter the company?"
She said," My father asked about his friends about the manager and the company. He knew that he hate to employ the beautiful one. He brought the makeup one who destroyed my face and converted it into ugly shape. When the manager show me, he accepted me at once. There was a problem on the following day. When I got the job the big employee shouted and said I am not that one who examined the last day. He took to the manager. When he knew he laughed and said," let her eat bread here."
He laughed and said ," So, you are fighter!"
She said," No, not at that way!"
He said, "Your father planned good1"
She said, "When you enter the battle you must know yourself first!"
He shouted aloud making every at club look at him. He said, "You are also so smart."
She closed her eyes. He said," No! you must not do that!"
She said," What that?"
He said in whisper sound," closing your eyes .Your eyes are my soul to my mind!"
She said, "For that degree!"
He smiled and said," Yes!" He completed, "do you know how I can hate every one looking at you? I can destroy him and send him to the cemetery. I can make him forget his name."
She said in amazing," For that degree!"
He said," when I saw you , I dreamt to be mine! I don't know why you loved that person who called Galal.
He was so dull and ugly. He has not any hope or plane for future. He was so untidy and so ugly>"
She said, "Him! Let us turn our talk to another way!"
He said," Do you know the plane we do to get one fired or decrease his rank!"
She said,"No!"
He said, " first destroy his imagine at his boss, second telling liars about his lazy and failures. We do an act to show that he is bad!

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