The unbeautiful woman

The work at our company went like a watch. Everything was in order. Everyone knew his role "What must he do? What will he do?"
We don't always speak. The work goes continues. The product of the company was asked every time.  The workers work as the bees in the nest. The owner of this company gave his workers what they deserved! The workers love the company. We could kidnap speech between rest and lunch's time. The company was clean. The workers were men and women. Of course it might be love between some of them.  The love might end with marriage or ended with great quarllel.  The owner made us signed in pledge not to get our personal problem in work. We could be colleague at work and enemy at out. The women here may vary between smart and ugly. The smart women married at blink as they worked in a good company, had good salaries and their shape were attractive. The owner of company chose the ugly women to be our bosses with some men. He chose them to guarantee their continuous of work and they would not take care of their beauty. The most reason, when the employee sat with that woman ,he would be very polite. The men had a sense that those women were not beauty; had no sexual sense or they had not heart.
One of them was called ''Galal". He was a worker. He worked hard with honest and faith. He loved his work very well. He fell in love with one of the women. She was so beautiful. She was called Samia. Everyone knew their stories and the steps they had achieved to get marry, Till Mr.Nader noticed the beauty of Samia. He fell in love. He put a bad plane to kidnap and marry her. He used to annoy Galal a hard works and made him work after works in many jobs. So, his fiancée annoyed of him and tried to make him pay attention to her.
At the same time Nader made her work in special work. and easy work. He flirted her. The
Beauty speech opened the closing heart. Her wide and green eyes might now contain two persons, Galal and Nader. Her talent made every one tried not to close his eye. When she passed, you would swear with your God that was Samia passed from the smell of her perfume she put.
Everyone knew that. At the good or bad luck, there was a degree had become free as the manager of it died. The all workers expect that he would take this promotion. The devil was there and Nader. Nader confused the great manager that Galal couldn't do this job. So the promotion went to the newest one. So Samia left Galal and accepted Nader to be her fiancé.
 to be continued