The break

yellow rose                                                                                                         
After long walk 
They tell and talk
You want a break
After hard work
They advise with look                                                                     
You need a break
After I sleep
They look in deep
 Eyes and say indeed
You need a break
After I meet you
After I love you
The tired goes away
The bad mood stop
The roses increase
The dulls decrease
The angels appear
The devils disappear
The eyes are wide
The thoughts in mind
Increase for fare guide
My heart sings a song
It plays good harmony
What a play?
I say I say
What a harmony?
I play, I play
The world is happy
My life gets funny
My age returns actually
I feel as a young
I want to run
Fly high, high
As that bird
I want to dance
Slow, light or hard
I want the world does
As I do in my steps
As my heart sings
As my foot steps
It will go for fare
It will not so far
Of well as previous time
My world is rosy
My nose smells beauty
My eyes see pretty
That is your time