The bit

A thief came
He wanted to steal
The weather was cold
The weather was dark
The dark is the governor
The thief had planned
The plan was good
At his sight
He walked so slowly
The palace was out
He was so wide
At the end of the town
He saw it clearly
He walked around
His heartbeats were loud
He climbed the door
He ascended inside
The big dog appeared
He attacked him strongly
He couldn't cry
He could escape
He got a great bit
The following night he did
He ascended so slowly
He found no dog
When he walked a bit
The dog appeared
The thief could not run
He could a great bit
By that strong dog
The third night he was there
He sat beside the gate
The dog appeared and barked
The thief sat beside the gate
The dog could see him
The thief made yawned
The dog parked aloud
The thief yawned again
The park was downed
The thief yawned again
The dog opened his eyes
The thief closed his eyes
The thief moved his mouth
As he tasted the sleep
The dog sat and watched
The man yawned loud
He made a sleep
The dog found his head bowed
He found his head loaded
He had to yawn
The sleep controlled
The sleep ordered
The rest was nearest
The thief finally entered