the star

The star is a star
Made of a gases
Those are wide
They are bright
They gain light
They can warm the world
The sun is bright
It gains light
It supplies power
It makes the green
Appeared in the plant
Changed the world
To be very good
To calm us
To warm us
To give us
Our need to live
It is our friend
It is the plant’s mother
It is with its fellows
Those are planets
Called the milk road
It supplies moon
With its light
It keeps its wide
Between the earth
And the sun distance
Is the same space
It is good and gives
Most of our needs
It evaporates the water
To make it's good
When the water converted
It evaporated to sky
Till it met cold sky
It condensates into clouds
They gathered at clouds
Till they struck each other
Or struck the mountains
The two opposite charges
There have two charges
Forming on the clouds
Other on the mount
Or on its sister of clouds
Making water ascended
Without any wait
The water is good
The sun is good  
The star may be vanished
Since millions of years
But its previous lights
Still crossing the space

To see them in obvious

from book 'Meeting with pharaoh"

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