Bomb, bomb, bomb

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Bomb, bomb, bomb
The heart is s drum
Its trumpet in loud
He said to his smart
My heart announced at loud
My heart knows his demand
My heart asks in repeated sound
Is it true, fare and best
My heart felt with brave
As I am the world head
She felt with dizziness
Her sweat was ascended
Like a rain from a storm downed
Her heart was pumped
She thought it was heard
She hardly stood up
She thought that her knight
Who take her over white
 Circling up left and right
Flying up the white
Clouds where their bed find
Their love will be undying
Their hearts will be tided
By holy love and their god
Will bless their married
He cut her thoughts
With saying, "I love your food
Your arranging was good
And my stomach was filled
And the hunger was wide"
She said ''that you wanted
To tell me, that!
The only thing you loved
He said indeed
With hesitate
With wait
The thunder was struck
At his cheek with hard
 She ran and passed
He put his hand over the cheek
What a bad woman I met!
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