The spring

فراشة جميلة تمتص الرحيق سبحان الله     نتيجة بحث الصور عن زهور وورود متحركة
The spring is coming
The flowers are opening
The smells are spreading
The roses re coloring
The flies are showing
The color those reflecting
The God acting
The spring is advertising
The hearts are opening
Their love of knowing
The life is deserving
To share and live
Let's share
Let's care
The life everywhere
The bell is ringing
Saying at higher
The peace is announcing
To live our live
Love your God
Believe at one
He is only one
To be loved
Love your parents
Obey them as they doing
Don't the them
Even they didn't care
Even they didn't show 
Their love for you
Love them well
Love them strong
Be proud of them
Saying to the world
These are my lovers
Deserve to be live
If they dead
Ask your God
To forgive them
The heaviness must give
For them my God
Love your sons
Love your daughters  
Say to you God
Thank you my lord
Don't correct the fault
Of your parents done
If they had done
The time was gone
If you love your home
You must make your children
Good health and have think
In good and fare
Not in wrong and bad
Love your time
Share your thoughts
To make the world be allowable
No religion is worst
No religion is wrong
We did the wrong
Only by our faults
   نتيجة بحث الصور عن زهور وورود متحركة