I had a bike


My neighbor had a car
It was fast and travelled far
I imagined it could compete
And made great act
He could pass
Over a mud
Or drains lake
Made a great dirt
Over my suits
My manger shouted
Said I was ugly
I couldn't complete
I argued more
I promised more
It would not occur
But my neighbor did
Another thing
He made more dirt
I was dismissed
And stayed sad
My child laughed
Saying I was bad
To stay sad
Without think
He laughed more
Saying more
My thoughts are wide
Why I am not ride
Him to a trouble
I was in struggle
How I could?
I thought a lot
I made an invent
Made my bike fast
We went a gin
Me to a work
It was new
And he to his work
He surely knew
My bike is slow
The drains ascended
Made a big lake
Like a sea
He passed fast
Trying to annoy
And spreading the mud
Over my suit
I worked the invent
I could jump
Over the kerb
And ran fast
He followed me
He could touch
As he got angry
I could fast
And take his touch
To push me up
I passed though cars
And he tried
He was smashed
He went out
I returned fast
Passing over mud
With my great hate
I pushed the mud
By stone threw it
In the lake of mud
His clothes got dirty
He was not busy
He came in sad
Saying '''help me
To find a work''
Do n't think
You have a lot
And you bother
Your friend or brother
You will get
The worst as you did