What’s happening?

What’s happening?
The bell is ringing
Saying and annoying
The hate is escaping
The love is born
The war is gone
It will not return
The fair is born
At my heart
What is happening?
The world is growing
Than my though
When you appeared
Everything is changed
The time is passed
Faster than I account
The flowers are growing
The world get green
The sun is shinning
The wind is blowing
Coming with kind
The rain is downing
Droplet after droplet
Making the mind
Singing a happy song
Playing a good tune
Surely I know
The time will go
With happy feeling
What is happening?
The Making of Yours
The touching of Yours
The looking of Yours
The speaking of yours
Made my heart in revolt
Saying one word
Whom does she love?
I knew she is loved
By all world
The important
Whom does she love?