there is a word

there is a word
i want to tell
who will hear
i can't talk
as there is a word
it may at heart
it me at mind
how can i get
how can i talk
there is a word
i can't sleep
i can't walk
my vision may be short
my tongue gets paralyzed
as she walked
she took my heart
my mind had busy
there is a word
she suddenly appeared
she carried a plate
it contains food
i will run
to see a word
i can't walk
my legs can't walk
they can't bear my body
it seemed to be heavy
i will run
i jump up
she opened her arms
i run to her hand
and eat the food
i said thanks
i was hungry
she said
is it that
she rubbed the food
and run at fast
tell me what is the wrong
i had made