the catch of heart

Lived in a jungle
The lions saw her
They believed they can eat
Her with one bite
And they can hurt
With their nails
They would use their tusks
The wolves saw her
Walking without fear
Showing her beauty
Walking with very happy
They thought they had her
So they all follow her
The foxes noticed her
She was walking their
They could catch her
So they  could approach
When she looked at them
When they saw her face
When they gazed at her eyes
They all fell in her
They all loved her
They followed her
They play with her
They admired her
Suddenly she had gone
They searched for her
They looked every where
Who saw the wild dear
At the night the lion appeared
He called with high voice
Come ,come my dear
I invited you to be her
To stay with us
To amuse your beauty face
I am the king of  that world
Did she return ?
Did she appear?
Answer may be appear