The a youth and a girl

There was a youth
He met a girl
He saluted her
He talked her
She did not reply
She stretched her steps
He followed her
He said I love you
My heart mention you
I dream you every night
I can not sleep
I can not eat
Can you cure me
I see you every night
I hear yours every day
And you don't reply
So I must be away
They separated
He was away
She said first be a man
The love needs home
He smiled for talk
She said “and need food
And responsible to make
A good family faces all
You walk lifting your head
Smiling without shame
Your sons getting proud
Those are my parents
And me your love
Will put you at my heart
My eyes will only open
At your face that is smart
And you will be my angel
That give me the mean of life”
The youth ran
He is not able
To answer or respond
The love is live
Live to give the happy
The pleasing to every one
Love to make
The world more happy