I am a boy

I love my life
A want to play
My life is play
So I am happy
If you will learn me
Put it as a game
Or I will learn any
And you loose your time
I wake up early
My mother wants to feed me
She put the delicious food
As she says tome
But I’d like to play
I see all these worst
She argues me
She asks me
She says to me
I refused all talks
She says to me
Who is the pirate
Who will gets the ship
And jails the princess
At the silver Jail
I said” I am”
She put the first bit
At my mouth in complete
She says” close your jail
Before she runs away’
Then she wants to her work
She prepared the home
But I want to play
She says “ I am busy
Let me prepare the home’
I asks my brother
Would you come to play 
He Says “I am busy
I will go to school
To read and study
To be important guy
In my land and country’
I ask my sister
“would you come to play?”
She says “I am busy
I will go to school
To read and study
To be important one
And pointed at my name
Saying I am important one”
I ask my father
‘would you come to play
To share our time and happy’
He says I am busy
I have work
So I will go”
I play with a cat
We had a game
We chase a ball
We run after line
We can try  to catch
The fly flies at high
But she flies at sky
The fly please come down
To spend our time
In amuse and happy
But it goes up
I ask and say
“The fly please go down”
I stretch my arms
The cat jumps, jumps
Up and up
The fly goes up
The cat washes it body
So it becomes busy
I meet the duck
I ask it to play
She says come to swim
I sit beside the lake
I make lakelet
I swim my hands at
I make the pieces at
It were named pirate
I put a black small cloth
I shouted as menaced
The time is passed
Hurry and speed