We have a meet

We have a meet
She was my lover
She was my wife
She was abroad
To do some work
She returned again
And we must meet
Again, again, again
I walked as a runner
I wanted to fly
To cut the time
That made me away
I knocked the door
She opened with a face
Not  like any face
That mayn’t be gotten on the earth
Her beauty still shines
With my mind beyond
Thought can be wide
We had a long embrace
Then we do along kiss
She said my honey
Want to see my beauty
And said to me a beauty
Words that I love to be
Your dream as you are mine
And be amused and happy
Come first to eat my food
She prepared for a food
She suddenly said
I forget to get some cold
I said wait and I get
She said "no my lord"
She opened the lift's door
She crossed the road
And she returned in  fast
With great love ,and interest
But she didn't care
To the speedy and fast
Cars that carrying a death  
 She was smashed
She became dead
And I lied as a dead
I tried to forget 
But who can forget
That a princess of the heart