The despair 5

The old woman said “yes”
He laughed with mocking
He said with looking
At her with anger
“Who are you?
Do you know me?
Why do you stick with me?
I don’t want you
Be away from me”
The deaf came and looked
The old was crying
She hanged her closely
She screamed at him highly
He turned his face suddenly
And laughed at her screaming
She wanted to take her
The man knew and apologized
She said “I will go after month”
He said “no, month is fare
I’d like to be near
If it can be morning
It will be good thing “
The old woman was crying
The deaf took her away
And screamed at him loudly
She closed her door
 The youth felt with regret
He ran so fast
He said ‘I am bad
Stay as you want “
The deaf screamed so loud
He wondered what she wanted.
The woman told she liked
Him to kiss her hand
He said” what?”
The deaf cried at loud
He said “what?”
The old told I am not as yours”
He said “what?”
He bowed and waited
The deaf screamed
He said “what?”
She said “if you do not!
She will take me at once
, You will not see my face
Forever as you wish”
He thought and felt with sting
He felt as he was sinking
He felt as he did a fault
He said “sorry, softly”
He said “I am sorry ,”
He kissed her hand
He wanted to kiss the deaf hand
The old hurt at his back
With slightly hit with the stick.
At his back and said
“Now go and buy some crow’s nest
He said “no, it is awful”
She said “do what I said?”


And came aft