The despair 6

He  was a sleep
He dremt as he was rich
He had every wish
He became so  famed
His car was so luxurious  
His suite was so beauteous
His smell was far
Carrying best attar
His fans were more
He saw a beauty here
It was around him
But from all of them
He found only one
That was loved by his
His mind knew her
His heart calling her
She came from a wide
Like a ghost that so appeared
Slowly slowly as a dawn
Wht has happened
His mind knows what?
What did he see?
She is, no, the deaf
She appeared by his
His eyes opened wide
His heart trembled loud
His chest moved a lot
His heart trembled hard
And he said at loud
This is my only love
But she is a deaf
No, it must not give
So surrender to that sense
He was a business
He was ordered by severals
To sell the products
He sold with a price
He mentioned with fixed
But he was awaken
By sound of old one
Get up ,to sell those
He wake with anger
He wanted to shout
He said with sound
That may or not be heard
"Why do not you be absent?
Several months has been gone
And you still stay with bad"
 But she smiled was sad
He was ordered to collect the harvest
When he was up
He found her up
He noticed she was charm
His heart said move to hers
His eyes said with obvious
Bright as the sun rays
Say say to her a word
His hand to move
To talk to say a word
The current was touched
The heat was born
Her checks turned to red
His found hers
He looked with constant
She did love indeed
From the deepest heart
Since several years
But for her nation
It is prevent for a girl
She love a smart as him
To tell he sense to him 
It is considered as lost her respect
To herself ,to herself only
He heard the old sound
Said with movement hand
Do and collect the harvest
But they didn't respond
They moved at each others
They moved with constant
They moved with a talk
Getting from a heart
Showing by the eyes
Feeling by their bodies
Reflecting at their faces
They met by crashing
They met by hanging
They met with a kiss
The old did a sound of gladness
They married at once
The joy covered the presence
And they became at this
Husband and wife from that
Time and forever
But when they asked for an old
They found no one