The despair 4


She said “guess!”
He said “you! “
She said” how?
I am an old one
I can’t do that”
He said “please!”
She said “your neighbor!
The deaf girl”
He said” but she always screamed
How can you understand?
She always screams
Her sound is aloud
She moved her hands like a painter”
She said “yes, yes, yes
But I can understand
We can talk and understand
I will show you”
She went to her
The came after moment
When the deaf girl saw
She screamed aloud
He wondered at first
The old said “she is anger
By your bad temper
You always dealt at manner
Of rude and worst”
He amazed and said
”She told those by this movement”
She said wait
She moved her hands
The deaf her respond by hands
She said “she accepted your invite
Her to your lunch”
He said “what? “In an anger
She said “she prepared and bought
All these things”
He said “so I ate by sweat of deaf”
She said “what a matter of deaf
She is a kind and brave
She prevent a thief
Of attacking her home
By screaming and striking
Directly at his face”
The girl went and angered
The old ordered with hard
“Go, don’t return alone”
He hurried and returned soon
He was smile and said
“I moved my lips
By saying “I am sorry
I can’t understand easily”
She moved her hands
She smiled and came”
The old moved her hands
She moved also her hands
The moment said with laugh
She said “you are tough
You are stupid enough!”
He stopped and said “daughter of!..... ”
He old woman interrupted
“sit without a word “
The deaf went to run
She moved her hands
The deaf sat with smile
They ate all together
The deaf left the dishes
He was ordered to help
They were smiled
They both washed the dishes
They cleaned and ordered
They sat and talked
She knew “the deaf can know
She studied you
She loved you”
He said and amazed
“What? That?”