The world does not change

The world does not change
We make that change
We can made it good
If we make good
If we talk good
If we think good
If we love good
Do every thing good
It will be here, good here
The bad will be disappeared
And every thing will be good
The hearts will be cleaned
White as the fresh milk
Kind as the heart of child
Young as the new born
It got every side
Of faith, of kind
Of improve f man kind
Love the other
Thanks every effort
Or every good
May be done
The bad appeared here
The bad controlled the world
The world is covered
By bad thought and intent
The rich look at the poor
As the rat as nothing
They did bad trials
To gain good results
 To save himself
And harm and give
The mean of slave
At new world moderate
By huger for rich
To harm the other
To vanish every word
Of love that was vanished
When will it be appeared?
Tomorrow or today
That was a dream
Let's have a dream
Like that  dream