The secret 5


The secret 5
The prince was gone
What must we have done
To return that one?"
Said Fathi with bad temper
Ayman ordered gnham to approach
He said we must reach
Before they went to their beach
Of bad thoughts they wanted to finished
What they had planned and wished"
The car moved so slowly
As it was tide of mountain heavily
Ayamn said "it must out of citadel
Of Mohamed Ali was in barrel
Kept to see the old thing"
"But how can we move ?
We don't know where they go"
Smith said with bad amazed
I will lost my honest
In reaching and succeed of stop
That bad guys wanted to stop
And occupy our world
As it is moved in a cycle"
Aymn said "what a cycle
But a plane flew in a level
Higher than our looking
It didn't move not so speed
But hurry as it is a rocket"
Alan said "stop moving now!
We must know as we can
Where can they go ?"
Smith said "look masters !
They said they will occupy
The world and made their center
At the point of all civilization"
Alan said "oh !yes !it is the pyramids
Under the sphinx region"
Fathi said "we must go forward"
Gnahm added" I knew a shortened road
That we can go without late"
Jack said "but why did they take the body"
The ghost appeared at the horizon
Showing the big face for a person
Talking with loud voice for every one
Saying "I red about that person
He was so important person
At his empire of pharaoh
But he had an enemy
Of pharaoh's guards and police
They wanted to get him away
To kill the pharaoh so way
To govern all the world
And exported all bad thoughts
They acted in fact as a thieves
Who wanted to gather all jewels
And control them by their hands"
Jack said "as I am trader of monument
I see they were not development
They were so bad in thoughts
And they don't have any science
The ghost said "no ,no they approached to the advance
Matter and material in science
They can convert the lead into gold"
Fathi said "Habra cad bra"
The ghost said "no but by pure science!"
Jack said "and what did they want?"
They could go out and converted a lot of gold
And sold it as they could"
Or they sold that invent
Or  gave it to the king
To be nearest as they dreamt"
Smith  said "but they refused
In fact as the natural history said"
The ghost  said "
yes in fact
They did their act
To kill the pharaoh in speed
And who stopped them!
Our kidnapped prince"
Fathi said "but how can do you know
All those knowledge
About where they could go"
The ghost said "I was told
By his name and searched
In my books about him"
Alan said "but what is the relation
Between our hero and the devil one"
The ghost said "you do not expect
And known will be appeared!" 

 صور معالم مصر الأثرية , صور الحضارة المصرية العريقه, اجمل وأروع صور لمعالم مصر السياحيه