The secret 4

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  "We were late " Fathi said
We must be hurried
Or they will steal the corp.
It is not good ,but worst"
Smith said "they must do their plane
To steal the prince of the ancient
Alan said "and what after that?"
at the dream they did not tell"
Jack said and laughed
"So we had to sleep
to get that dream again"
Aymn "what had you said
corps and prince
that I had thought
and it will became fact
you came to steal that corp."
They said in a same sound
"No the matter is not that
we saw a dream to save that corp.
or they will take all the world
by returning  the bad spirit
to our life to act
the bad plane and thought
but how can it be occurred?"
Fathi said "first we must hurry
or they will do their bad
plan ,it was planned"
Ayman said "my feet
Will be by your feet
And my shoulder must be beside your shoulder
And I will carry that gun
If I discover you do wrong
You will go to the past
You will be smashed as a bug
And what do you think about
Whom could be passed
to thise holy and ancient land
Without my permit! "
Alan said "first let us hurry
The time is not with us
The time will be an enemy!"
Aymn laughed and said
"that mean the time has a gun
and it will shot at the chest"
Alan said "no, the fact
is the time will help the fast
to achieve their want"
Francois said "we need a car
To carry us far
Or you will gain bad
The thieves are bad
They wanted to make us sad
And loose our world"
Ayman said "first I will ask Ghnam
to transport us on time
speed as a storm
light as a wind
spread as a lighten
or we will gain a wind"
They were moving in slow
The car seemed as an old know
Of way or even as a car
Its sound is high
As a jet plane
It moved so bad
You could hear bomb's sound
You thought a war was occurred
And you must search for a land
Save and out of look
They still moved 
Till they reached a land
Ayman called "stop now
We must go on foot
It is a land for top
Hero's and pharaohs land
We can't move by a car
We will be damned in speed
Than you expect or think "    
Smith said "but  the needs prevent the unworried
Let us complete our road by this car with speed"
Alan laughed and said "walk on foot
Faster than damned"
They walked guiding by a lighter
Till they reached to the higher
Mount of sand gathered
by wind and storm
Hanfi opened the plan
This is our aim
And here is the tomb"
They looked it was opened
The prince was not in
Smith said "we must hurry and speed"