The secret 6

Smith said "we can reach before them, before they did what they want."
Fathi said "we are so late ,we must hurry , or they will govern the world"
He looked at Ayman and said "tell your friend to transport us in speed, or can you look for us for another car !"
Gnhnam said "look! masters ,At Egypt after the revolution travel by old car at nights more safely than you travel by new and modern car as they will be under the thieves' eyes and they may be kidnapped and all passengers may be exposed to shot. Second this car knew its way surely as it is ridden by a computer. Third , we will reach on time .please , get on the car."
All passengers were on and the car moved in speed like the first time .smith was very annoyed and said "if I have this car I will let it at the first dessert I will meet."
Jack said "don't pay attention ,we will reach!"
Alan said "the matter is not to reach but reach on time!"
Fathi said "we will reach if God will !"
The car moved very slowly when it ascended the hill of sands and insist to return back. It might vibrated on right , or on lift. It made them fill with fear .the sound of its motor gave you the sense it had power to reach to the moon easily. The smoke which produced by its motor is more than the sands moved up by the wheels. The descending suddenly or falling at lower sand gave the sense of having no springs.
Finally they reached near the pyramids at Giza .there was a small light appeared. They decided to get off that funny or nervous car and moved on their feet. They had to run to be on time or before the bad persons did their wish.
They became nearer that they can saw the persons clear , but still away to see the faces clearly.
They heard someone said "we need the tie or the go-between to complete our act of convert."
Someone called Assoun said "I feel and smell a strange persons, search here or there we can find our wish."
They looked everywhere with their lighters and their flames. They saw them . Assoun said with a sound of old vicar coarse and ugly and slowly "catch one of those ugly persons as we can complete our dream!"
  Fred said "hurry ,please"
David said "if we can't catch one of them who will be the idler"
Gorge said "you of course"
They ran as fast .they ran to catch one of our heroes. They chased them as the wilds chased their preys. They ran and circled around them they made trap. All could escape except Ayman "
Asson said "bring it and tie him beside the corpse of our hero. To get him again! Our hero ,greatest hero ,moraton"