The truth tale

There was a tale
For only three people
They were poor
They prayed more
To their only God
Allah is only God
To change their manner
To be reach as the other
They will do the best
Obeying their God
Doing every good
The angel came to them
One by one to examine
He asked every one
What is his demand?
The first was bald
He asked the angel
To cure his bald
And give him a smart
Hear over his head
He was annoyed
By persons ,by every one
The angel asked the God
To give him his demand
His head was covered
By smart and good look
He asked him about his want
To be reach and good
He said I want camels
The angel asked his God
He gave  his demand
There were two camels
A male and a female was pregnant
After time the valley was filled
With the great camels and strongest
Those made him the richest
The second was poor
He had ill with leper
Every one had a fear
To approach or to be near
So one talked with him
Far with face of fear
The angel came to him
He asked his  demand
He said “I’d like to be cured
The leper ill goes out
The manner of hate appeared
At face of every one looked
At me so I want to be changed
The angel asked his God
To give him his demand
He was given a skin with good
Color and shape of smart
The angel asked “what
What do you want?”
He said “I’d like to have cows
I can get meat and milk
To be rich and good
The angel asked his God
To give him his demand
There were two cows
A male and a female was pregnant
After time the valley was filled
Of cows
Those cows
Were good and strongest
He became the richest
He went to the third
He was ill and blind
The man looked with a matter
Of pity and weak manner
The angel came to him
He asked his demand
He said “I want to be cured
Of blind ill that get me looked
Very bad manner and weak
I want to see and look
Every thing bad or good
Every thing was got
Only by my God”
The angel prayed to the God
To give him his demand
He could be looked
His shape was good
He was smart and good
The angel asked him
“What is your lovely wealth?”
He said “I like sheep
I can get wool and milk
They have meat with a good
Taste for eat and feed
I will be that guy
Who will be wished
By every one had eye
To look to my wealth
I will be the kind
Have a good act and  heart
With knowing mind
To help and give a hand
To poor who surely want
To achieve their demand”
The angel asked his God
To give him his demand
There were two sheep
A male that was strong and good
A female that was pregnant
After time the valley was filled
With sheep
Those were good and strongest
After years those had passed
The examine had been come to them
Said and they’re or aren’t actually worth
The examination had been come
To show the best and the worst
As the gold must be examined
To get the sand out
The steel must be burned
The waste must be vanished
The sea water must be examined
To get good water by evaporated
The sun concentrated its heat
Till the good water was evaporated
The man must be examined
To differ between the best
And get him as a ranked
And the worst knew his bad
And tried to be changed
Or he will be cried
At a day with useless cry
After years those had  passed
The examine came to them
Asked and they will be showed
To themselves who is worth
That wealth was given
They will give a hand
As they said and meant
To the poor and very nearest
They forgot every word
That was been said
Or they still remembered that
The test was happened
 The angel came in a manner
Of very need and poor
The pity was surely called
The heart must be divided
The hand will give every help
He went to the first one
He looked as a poor one
He said “I need a help
Some food to eat
Some water to drink
Clothes to be worn
And some money to spend
And get what I need
I have no work to get
Every want ,every demand”
The bald said “
I get my wealth by my mind
I had it by my fathers
Who spent their efforts
To get it in a complete manners
The life can’t give a hand
To those lazy persons and bad
Those had no active or work
Go and search for a work
To achieve what do you want
The poor bore a grudge against
Every rich person
The poor man converted to his normal
His shape was changed
He became an angel
He said” you are a liar
You have to be worth
By you hand gained
Return to your first
Your  money will be dismissed
He became bald
His wealth was vanished
He begged him in a strongest
Way and poor manner
He said “ please wait
I will do the best
I will be another one
I will help every one
Please forgive my fault
I will be the a faith one
The angel said “take the advice
He said “the chance came at once
Who take it with cleverness
He will keep it till the end”
You may have a long time
Go and work to be fine
You may live in a happy
With your great money
If you lost it
You must do effort
And study what happened
Go my man and work
You must pass that fault
To get your happy against
Every bad thought you felt
The angel had also vanished
He went to the second
He looked as a poorest
He said “I need a help
Some food to eat
Some water to drink
Clothes to be worn
And some money to spend
And get what I need
I have no work to get
Every want ,every demand”
The leprous man said”
That my only wealth
My parents did the best
They made a hard effort
To get it as you look
I do also my effort
To make it in a high rank
Of suitable value and good
The life as the river
Can’t go in a hard land
You dig to it the soil
To get it moved in a road
Of easy way as you want
You must look for a work
The life didn’t give a hand
To lazy and ugly one
I can’t give a money
To one has no hope
If you were love by the God
You got and deserved a lot
You got money to spend
Food to eat
The life give what you worth”
The angel appeared in his shape
His manner was changed
He said “you shouldn’t deserve that
Your money or your wealth
You shouldn’t deserve that shape
I will change your manner
To return to your begin
You didn’t give a sign
To be good and give a hand
All hands supplied with fare
Will be changed and shortened there
As you did if you are there
You must work hard
And do your best
To have life to be looked
As good manner as you want
Your god give what you asked
You didn’t keep that good
Your wealth will be vanished
Your shape will be returned”
The ill had surely appeared
At his face and skin
His wealth had gone
As it was a dream for one
light had been passed in a heaven
Or high sky over any seen
He went to the third one
He looked as a poor one
He said “I need a help
Some food to eat
Some water to drink
Clothes to be worn
And some money to spend
And get what I need
I have no work to get
Every want ,every demand
The God gives you all that
Money and wealth to be ask
And examine at you gained
At every word and every work
The life can’t smile
At poor and bad like
Me as I am ugly in shape
I have no aim or hope
The life goes to be the worst
It was controlled by dark
The justice had been disappeared
The sky filled with fog
That prevented light to dig
The heart of fear and dark
That make a fare has no leg
To walk or has no hand
To give ,help or remark
The poor who need a help
The hearts have been solid
Harder than stone and iron
They had nothing to be given
Or share the others in happen
Even the smile over their looking
They shortened to be noticed’”
The man looked with pity
He said with smiley
Face and voice with happy
Merged with some funny”
The world still has a pity
Don't be sad ,don't worry
Heart still is soft as sponge
You must look at the given
To you by the hand of heaven
You still have a good health
And still have a strong hand
To get money and wealth
The angel thought he will said
As the previous had said
The man continued his talk
My master you must have a hope
The world has a lot
Of fare to give with open hand
The angel turned around
He thought he might talk
To another one found with him
He found no one with them
The man continued his talk
We must thank our God
For the life that was not bad
You must look at the side
Where is clear and seen by light
You must look at your life
Where you still had a good time
It may be good and long
Not so bad ,not so short
The poor interrupted and said
"But for me ,it is a long
A don't see any sign
To be changed into fine
He cried and his tears ascended
The man hurried and embraced
But the poor got wide
He said "I am fear of make
Your clothes got dirt
Look your clothes is cleaned
And it should be good ironed
It will fill with dust and mud
And my smell is not good
My sweat's smell is so bad
As I had not washed yet
Please be away from mine
You surely smell my sweat
I have no money to get
A good scent to wash or put
Over my ugly bad body
The poor cried loudly
The man embraced him strongly
He patted his shoulder to comfort
Him from any pain that may get
He gave him a handkerchief to wipe
His lot tears those were ascended
The poor said "I will go"
The man said "please wait
First this is my wealth
It is contained a lot sheep
Look at them and take
What you need and demand
If you take all
And let a few for me to live
I will be very happy indeed
And this my strongest servants
Take any one and I will pay
Their salaries in a way
Make you not to pay
For them for future time again
I was poor like you
My luck gives me his back
But I don't loss my faith
In God as he created us
You may meet bad guys
Who looked at you with pride
The life is not so tied
We make it complicated
The life gave us our demand
And the God makes us his successor
On the earth to know our selves more
Clear without doubt or liar"
The poor said "you mock me
You subjected as I am neglected
But I will complain to my god
Who will give me all my need"
The man said "no , no dear sir
I am faith , I said the truth
Take all you need
The food will be prepared
Wait to have a lunch and eat
Today you are my guest"
The angel converted to his shape
He said "God may bless you
Keep your money with you
My God sent me to you
And also to your friends
Those are truly liars
They lost every thing
They returned to their origin
The God wanted an a way
To make them know
Themselves without no
Without no dark or fog
You deserve a lot
The God makes his succors
At his world to know in near
Ourselves in truth not in liar
Who deserved to be at a tire
Of respect and spot of light
God may bless every good
The bad must be deserved
The worst and ugly end