Tales for Jesus 2

He met some one who told him to go with him to learn how to deal with the others, how to trust in Allah. Jesus took three breads ,one for him ,one for the person and the last for anyone sharing them their food.
When he met a sea ,he prayed to the God to pass over it .They passed. The man was amazed to pass and walk over the sea. They had tired so they had to sleep. The man felt with a hunger .he opened the Jesus package and ate the bread without telling Jesus, but Jesus saw him.
When they wake up ,Jesus opened his package ,he found two breads. He asked his friend “who ate the third?”
The man swore by the name of the God he didn’t take the third bread.
Jesus said “I trusted in God and lied my eyes”
When they walked for a long walk ,they felt withy hunger and got tired .Jesus called a dear which was passed .He cut its neck ,then he took off its skin. It was prepared by heat .then he divided it into two equals .he ate the half and the man ate another half. After they had fed. Jesus called the bones. They were collected .he called for the dear ,she got up and walked again. He said to the man, swear with God who saw you this evidence .who takes the bread?
The man said “I don’t eat or take it”
The Jesus said “I believe in my God and trust with God and lied my eyes”
He passed through a blind who asks Jesus to cure him. The blind get his sight .he can walk.
Jesus asked the man by this miracle “who ate the bred ?”
The man said “I don’t know”
They still walk then they found three big piles of sand. Jesus asked his god to get these piles into gold”
Jesus said “one gold pile for you ,one for me ,the last for man who eat the bread”
The man cried I ate  this bread”
After they had a rest Jesus said “take my gold pile , I will go to call my God and I will return to take you”
The man opened his eyes he guarded the piles of gold. But his bad luck ,he found two guys  passed by him .They stood when they saw the gold .they said to him in a threaten method “share us these gold.”
The man couldn’t walk or stand or sit .he went west ,south ,north ,east. His heart was pumping from happy from fearing as someone appeared and sharing him .what he feared ,occurred. He saw two guys approached .when they saw that gold ,they said  “what does gold belong to
He said “to me”
They said “oh !can you guard it alone ,we will guard it with you and shared it .You take one pile and we took another. He agreed as he thought if they want to kill him and take the all gold ,nothing will not prevent them. They sat beside the gold and they got hungry.
They agreed one of them to and buy to them food.
When that guy went he thought if he put the poison in the food they would kill and he took all the gold .
They thought also if they killed that guy ,the gold will be divided between only two and it is prefer than divided between three. When he came they killed them and they ate the poison food. They also were killed
Jesus passed by them after calling his God .he saw them he said “ they were killed by greed.
The prophet said in the meaning “all sons of Adam is greedy .if he had a pile of gold ,he would wish another ,and if he had two ,he would wish the third. The depth of him will not be filled except by the sand”
Means the death
And that is the world

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