She advised

She followed her son
She called on him
Where do you go?
Do you want to leave this land?
Do you decide to immigrate?
You decided to travel abroad?
Do you forget where you born?
And the land where you grow up?
Do you forget my chest?
That feed you as you need
When you still so young?
Do you forget my get up
All night to look after you
And pray to the God
To cure you when you are sick
Do you forget where you play
And the corps that you ate
That water which is tasted
That can be ever remembered
Do you remind where you learnt
And the science you get on
After that, you decide to go on
Go as you want
But don't forget your land
Don't forget your mother's sad
Do you remember her sadness
When she saw you are unhappiness
If that makes you happy
If that gives you your want
Go ,go and I will wait
Till you return or send
A letter or message  say
I love you my god's gift
I love you as you did
And I will love you to
Your mother for ever
Egypt is the mother of all land