There is something

There is a ring

The boy said"

I heard footsteps

Moving outside

That is must be a thief"

The mother got up

She looked and said"

You must have a dream

Try not to move and sleep"

The boy covered his head

The footsteps were still heard

The boy said and whispered

"mama, mama"

But her mother had slept

His heart filled with fear

He decided to know

Who was there ?and chased

The fear into his heart

He left the cover

Moving under a dark cover

He moved on his toes

He opened the door slowly

He put his out nearly

The edge of the room's door

He found no one there

He kept himself silent

His lowered a head

The shadow was moved

He thought he might a ghost

His eyes were closed

His heart was pumped

The fear was not controlled

The silent covered everywhere

He encouraged himself again

His eyes were opened completely

He saw a man moved

He thought in hurry

How he could stop that guy

How he could his mother waked

To get that thief dismiss

The boy waited still he was in a room

The boy put some dolls

He put them at the front

The television and lights were on

The television sound was higher

The lights were most shines

That bothered the neighbors

They knocked the door

And calling the police

He comes at once

The mother got up

Searched about the son

The thief disappointed

He decided to revenge

He caught a knife

Followed the mother's voice

He put the knife over her neck

The boy came slowly

He heard him clearly

Saying "Give me what I want"

And get me out "

The boy with hurry

Moving towards that clod

Carrying a wood rod

Hurting him without wait

The thief could not believe

He tried to hurt him

Her mother defended her son

She bit his hand

Till the knife was fallen

The police was in

The thief was arrested

He became very anger

From this younger

Who is brave

He didn't fear

Of dark or even draw

As he knew

The life as a brave

Equals the life at all

And the life with fear

Equals the death at all