the thief 4

The thief
Oour princess got sick
She felt bad she felt ill
Her rosy cheeks were fainted
Her red lips were faded
Her body was gotten to be delicate
Her tears dried from her eyes
She argued her father not to be married
But her father had insisted
She saw her future black
She returned her remind back
She remembered how in a think
Of her father mind or work
She had not sleep or walk
The physicians got lack
"How can they return her power back?
How can they get her cured?
And be saved and be smart?
As she has been for times"
But the king was happy
To get from his lover married
She looked as the trees in winter
Their leaves became dear
She said "I am so poor
As the trees left their green
I am ready to my sun set
That will be descended in the west
"Dear ma"
She said with very jerked
Forgive me for my wrong things
Or bad word I had said
I cried and kneeled forward her
I said "forgive you. ,you are my sun rise
You have kind heart and mind
And have an angel spirit
If all people like you
The will fare will grow
When I see you
I like all the world
You will live till you burned
Me ,but you will live till she was been burned
Me but you must not forget
Me in your sleep or wackiness
After some days I reminded
Her to ill her groom
That she can't marry him
Their life will not be well
So he must look for another
Can make him happy and be lover
She went in a moment
She saw a strange ghost