go ,go away

She forgot herself
He wanted to go away
He wanted to be away
She said at her way
If you would be in my way
You must do more
Than any one to be
The man that fill my eyes
Who is mentioned all days
He says "that is no way"
He ran as he could
He wanted to escape
She followed him and cried
"I want you here"
He said "who mine?"
"no, no that is away"
Look at yourself
Your face is shine and bright
My face is dull and has no light
You are rich ,I am light
As I have no worth to fear
Of losing or steal
I am the king on my way
She caught him strongly
She looked at his eyes clearly
And said "why do let me?
Love me strong and make dream
As a fact as light in a sunny day
I have built the home of happy
Her walls were built by love
Her stones strong enough
To bear the wind of hate
And then you wants to let me
Go ,go , I will complete my way