The sea cries

What did the sea cry?
Why did its scream reach to the sky?
Why did its color change to deny?
Why did all nation stand without try?
To say the right to say to the guy
You made be awful you must be sued
You must be under the law you must be prisoner
The ships were carrying dears
They didn't carrying pumps or guns?
They are lifting white flags
The white dove nested
The branch of olive with handed
The sky had been fractured by wolves
They came from high and all sides
The sea trembled by a big crime
They killed the pigeon with smile
The nest was destroyed
The dears were killed
The liberty was died
Why isn't time passed?
Why is the sea red?
Why does it cry with blood?
Why did he need all oceans to change?
To return its safe and calm appearance
Why did the liberty statue wear a sorry?
Why isn't the dove alive?
Why was the olive thrown?
They were past and renowned