The woman and the wallet

There is a man in the bank
He takes a great money and walk
There is a woman wears good cloth with beauty look
There was a bad look in her eyes
She walks near the man and the wallet was disappeared
As it filled his pocket the man felt as he had no pocket
So, he felt it and cried to the police officer "my wallet ,my wallet
The officer comes and asked him "if he had a lot of money in it"
The man said "yes"
The officer said "who do you accused?"
The man said "accused! Every one in the bank hall .close the doors and search for it with every one"
The police searched with every one except this beauty woman
The man asked the police "why didn't you search with her?"
The police answered "no! This angel face stole no, look! She might be princess richest woman than you ever thought"
But the man said "it is not of your business .You must arch for a wallet with her."
The police said "look to her" she is like a moon in the dark
Comes and spreads its lights
Every moment becomes happy
Every one felt with great thank"
But the man said "no way"
So the police man searched for a wallet with her and he was astonished, he found it with her
He soon wanted to arrested her
But the reach man said "no, no, We can make a deal"
"What?" the police officer said
If she accept to love me to marry me, I will forgive her and draw my compliment"
The woman accepted and they soon went the prison of most beautiful prison the marriage.