Fire ,fire, fire
The weather is filled with fire
They came from under and higher
The sea changed into violence
  The time went to turbulence
The innocents called for safe
The hunters went as suckers
They wanted their blood
They treated them haughtiness
The  devil was their
His soldiers spread their wings
The bad controlled the state
He governed and killed
The fire was shooting
The goners were increased
  who stop the bad force?
     Who stop the stupid youth?
Who says to the injustices
You are un fairness?
Who return the rights of dieing?
Who lift the  olive branches?
Who open the prison?
Who destroy the restraint?
The liberty is continuing
Who will stop the flood?
Who call help from Obama?
Obama is at rest
He says "he understands the doing of unfairness' "
He will them to increase their forces