it is true there is a time of love ?

it is true there is  a time of love .let us see, there was a thief that had entered the home through the tube .he entered from the back window at night when the weather so could. there was no body in the street except some policeman or people who  had some celebration in nightclub
our thief entered the house. he found all sleep. he was happy .he knew this house as watched it several times .her people were a woman and her daughter .he entered the room of the lady she was completely sleep .he walked on his ends of toes so the woman would not get up .he found a treasure, her jewelry .he took it and run to get out from that house but he found the daughter  .oh , oh she was like an angel .a thief must kill his witness the only witness .the knife got from the kitchen and hit in the witness chest with no one saying .oh ,but unfortunately the little angel said before he moved to the kitchen." oh my uncle ,you must be the gift of God ,we can play now "  ."But" my daughter ."no" she said ,"come and play with me" she continued and argued him .so he forgot his  jewelry and he was a thief .he sat down on the carpet with little girl and they played .their laughers were high so the woman got up and entered the hall . she saw a thief she said and cried " a thief"
her girl said "no he is a gift of god ,he comes to play with me" the thief said "lower your voice "
                        she lowered her voice" you are a thief!""when he saw her pretty he said "yes"
she said in cry" you must be in prison""
he said "lowered your voice"
she said "you must be poisoned""
the man said as he was in magic with her pretty "yes"
the little angel cried "no""
the man and the woman said "lower your voice""
the girl says" no" in lowering voice
the  man say "what do you want"
"Give me what did you steal !" the woman said
"yes ,under one condition"
"what? "said the woman
"marry me" the man  said      
what the finish of this story  .the woman stole the heart's thief