I have a horse 4

He said to me, “the mercy had evaporated. We didn’t hear about the kindness between families and between members of one only family. In the past, the Muslims and Christian families were greeting themselves by feasts ever it were Muslims or Christian feasts. Till someone told some wrong speech and make them become wide of each other.  This hating virus has moved to us. We hated each other for unimportant things. So, the poor has reached us”
He completed,” last, we were going to hear from religion men and the men who had angel voices.  My grandfather was going to hear at the boss’ house especially at “Ramadan's month. We heard that talking or the reading of Holy Quran and returned. The horse who heard that returned and told everyone that speech. Some of us got believed of that other didn’t.  Once, one talked about the mercy of the prophet!

Oh the prophet!” He wondered
Then he completed,” Once, a camel approached to the prophet. He complained from his owner as he made him suffer from great burdens and his owner didn’t feed him.  The prophet ordered his owner to reduce the owner and feed him with enough food. I heard also when he went “the prophet" to open Mecca” with his army, he found a female dog had new small babies dogs on the road of the army. He ordered some great men of his friends to guide the army to go wide of it and its babies. Once, he found a boy caught a bird. He was playing with it. After a while, he saw another bird was flying and trying to touch that bird. It was obvious that it was the mother of the catching bird. He talked to the boy and told him, "In meaning", "As his mother loved him and will prevented him from any harm. The mother of that bird loved it and prevented it from any harm. He will do the best if he let it free to get its mother happy. The boy released him.”  
He looked at me and said,” is this mercy still here between you.”
“In the past, we were respected. Your grandfather took my grandfather to approach him to the ex-king's palace. My grandfather was a leader to other horses. The carriage they dragged was having full decorated. Some thieves and men who threatened and cut road, threatened your grandfather and took everything. Your grandfather approached to the king palace lately. The king was angry. When he knew what happened, he laughed a lot. The same thing had been occurred to him in the past. Some thieves stopped him in the high way road and took his car. When the king returned to his palace, he ordered the inner minister. He led the big force of inner officers and caught these thieves. So, the king did. The carriage and horses returned. When our grandfathers and uncles and fathers moved the whole country stopped and watched .we were lived in honor. The Beatty girl was liked by a female horse. She walked looked and her hair.