The train time

I forget, I forget
The train will pass
I will confuse
One will guess
It must pass
Faster than any time
Or it must move
Early before its guide
Telling the correct and right
, It must travel
Speeder as a marvel
Trying to save a parcel
Of gold or silver
Is not the soul
More important than a pearl
I heard the lover
Talking at loud
Higher than the train sound
Saying at frank
You are the most expensive
Than any prize
One will give
The train passed
Shame I felt
As I gave a promise
To meet who I love
What have I done?
I must run faster than thunder
To catch that speeder
The heart calling
As the cock doing
Before the sun rises
Wake up ,walk up
The world has no space
For lazy or sleeper
My heart told
I must forget
Her as I disappointed
I made that mistake
There is no time to regret
The time has one way
As the train has only way
It could not return
As it must do its job
The mind struggled hard
Saying with rubbish word
One has an appointment
Not as any appointment
He must be ready
Before the time attacked
What have I done?
I guess the dark increases
Look as enormous wild
The light was drawn
As it could not attack
I saw the roses close
As they decided not to expose
Their smells to my nose
I saw the birds escaping
Trying not to call
To prevent me hearing
The melody of songs
The branches tended away
The sun agree in away
With them to hurt me
By the rays ascended
Directly towards me
The twin of her appear
In the sky near
I could hardly hear
Telling me you lost your bear
To be beautiful in appear
I looked at it with tear
Filling my eyes with scare
I don’t forget her
But I try to be smart
As her beauty in fact
So, I lost my way
And don’t be ready
On time to meet my sweetly
My luck gets always dark
My world always gives me its back
My time always neglects my dream
I will go in my swim
Of imagination of dream
That makes me lost my swim
Of getting myself safe
Out of dangerous  
To be more frustrate