the neighbour

There was a neighbor
To the prophet
He was very anger
And feel with danger
As the Islam increased
Every day one entered
At the new religion
Saying at clear vision
I testify that
There is no God
Except Allah
And Mohammad
Is the prophet
The Jewish believed
If he annoyed the prophet
,He would make him
Left that home
Or might leave the city
That its name was changed
Since the prophet had decided
To make it the Islamic base
Of the invitation to face
The religion increases and spreads
It was called “Yatherib”
Then it was changed
To be “Tibba”
Then it is changed
To “Elmadina  El monara”
And his nation felt with sad
The Arab had one aim
They loved each other
They can’t be differed
Since that guy lived
Here at that town
They were so coward
As they may be discovered
Their feelings about others
They went to differ the others
To had this land
He had a thought
The prophet must be annoyed
He put all rubbish at front
Of the prophet house
Every day before morning
He stood to know
What the prophet would do
The prophet went out
He collected that rubbish
With his fully hands
And buried it in the dessert
Without any pain
Without no complain
He was still happy
His manner was seen
Respected and good
The neighbor became very anger
He got anger
He put more waste
To get the prophet annoyed
Every night before morning
Till the prophet found nothing
He asked," Where is the present
Of my Jewish neighbor?
He must have bad thing"
He decided to visit him
And ask about him
When he entered his home
The Jewish was amazed
As he had very bad
Thought and act
And Mohammad had feeling
Of love and help
He asked in the meaning
Why he don’t give his present?
The Jewish astonished
“What a present”
The prophet said,
"The things were put
At my house front"
The Jewish cried,
"My son will be died"
The prophet consoled
He went to see that child
He looked at him with pity
He said to the boy with mercy
In the meaning of say
Boy, obey me, obey
To get out of hell
Obey me, obey
To see your sit
At paradise at heaven
The boy looked
At his father with sad
Then at the prophet manner
He knew the prophet said well
But he feared of feeling
Of neglecting his loving
The Jewish said
Obey the prophet
The boy entered
The new religion indeed
Then he had dead
The prophet said
“Thanks to my God
Who saved a self
From burn at the hell