The man who got cola

نتيجة بحث الصور عن صور مشروب الكولا متحرك    نتيجة بحث الصور عن صور مشروب الكولا متحرك
The man had a present
He finally found a present
He opened that present
When no one was present
The bottle of cola was found
It had been covered
He wanted to drink it
To feel with great happiness
As he saw at the advertise
The girls would come to kiss
As he was a man with a high sense
He must drink it in presence
Of high ranking and elegance
Of beauty and smart girls
He went to a hotel in the class
Of high ranking in degrees
He sat beside the pool
The cola was began to be out
His friend was found
His boss was passed
How could they be found?
He asked with anger
The hotel had high ranking
He knew they were invited
One by the rich person
Other by the great person
To deal an agreement
He decided to be out
As if opened it
His friend may look
And the drink must be given
To his boss as a present
It must the whole bottle
If it was found
Also to his friend at moment
As it was shown
It must be given
He had drink nothing
He decided to drink it in the road
Of walkers and for public
The bottle was begun to be out
 He found his neighbors passed
If it was out
It must be given
As they had given
He had drunk nothing
But he had enough money
To get another one
So he hided it at once
With red smile and cheeks
 So he had hurried
To his home and hided
That cola at his cupboard
He argued his children to sleep
His wife watched a clip
Of bad singer who was indeed
Depended only the dancing
Of beauty girls rounded
They were surely courted
So she went to sleep
With great anger in deep
He was finally alone
He went to his room
Walking only on his toe
The bottle finally was out
It was kissed in amount
Of kissing as he dreamt
When he opened it in silent
Try as he could
The dark was found
The silent was covered
His heart was at a sound
Of high pumping as drum
Afraid to be discovered
And had drunk nothing  
He began to hang it
He began to open it
He moved in slow movement
As he was in high amusement
Or the good player scored
In a team who is strong
And the score was repeated
When it was opened
The lamps were on
His wife was found
His children were gotten
They brought suddenly cups
They surely drank it
He had not tasted
As the children were amused
And drank with pleasant
He caught it with anger
Then he laughed a lot
He said
Be at your mouth
But it was written in fate
To another who deserves it
نتيجة بحث الصور عن صور مشروب الكولا متحرك