the ghost

The ghost
The boy said
When the light out
I saw the ghost
It moved and hurried
The father said
"It is out
Of any imagine"
The boy shacked
 Hs father in strong
And said with fear
"that is not fair
To sleep and let me in fair
Look, look there"
The man looked and laughed
He said in emphases
"That is not ghost
That is bad and wrong
The ghost moved
His face concentrated
His eyes were dark
The boy shocked
His father with strong
The man looked
He screamed with loud
The two had feared
The ghost loved
His laugh was laud
The carpet moved
Down and up
The window closed
Then it opened
The window blew
Then it stopped
The man couldn't run
And so the boy hadn't done
The ghost got off the mask
It was her wife
She l loved and said
The ghost is the deepest
Into your heart
I moved the carpet
I turned the blower
To make the wind blew
You surely knew
The ghost is inner
Into deeper
Crowd man indeed