The secret

The man said
The secret
 I have a secret
No one can know
Except one
Do you know?
Except one
Who can realize
Who can express
That the secret is deeper
In the heart inner
Do you know
She answered
 I know
I suffer as you
I express the pain
As you
I can't sleep
As a face chased my sleep
I surrender and say
You are my way
To the heaven at land
You are my rest
I search for long
Your face is my dream
He said
The secret is a word
Contains four letter
One is the land
The heaven land I found
Second is the out
Out of world get sound
Of feast and calm
Third is vanish
Vanish is sad
That is finish
Fourth is the eager
To face every anger
Of one who wants matter
That will convert the world
To war without end
The word is one
The secret is word