The step to immigrate

They all gathered
At the front of his home
They wanted to kill him
His cousin accepted to sleep
In his bed to mock them
He might be killed  
He is the first fighter
The prophet went to the road
Different than ordinary road
His companion was his friend
They went south west
He stayed at cave
Called "thoor" cave
It means ox
His enemy followed them
By the steps effects over the sand
The steps effects stopped at the cave
The God ordered a bird
To build her nest
At the cave's front
It lied two eggs
The spider built his home
At the door's front
Those were occurred
Only by the god
His friend frightened
Said to the prophet
"If one looks downward
He saw us with no doubt"
The prophet said
"what is your thought
If we are two
My God is the third"
The enemy stood
They were puzzled
They said "no way
For one to be in
The spider's yarns
Will be destroyed
And the bird
Will be flew
And can' be laid
Any egg at front
They went away
The God helped
The friend and the prophet