Progress your land

أجمل صور متحركة .. لا اتطوفكم صور روعه
Your land calls at you
Your land argues you
Your land asks you
To work hard
To invent best
To make the life rest
To get her advance
As ancient as previous
Your home asks you
Don't get fault
Don't lost your mind
By drugs or wine
Don't follow porn
Sites or sexy film
They wanted you looser
They wanted you lazier
Don't imitate the action
Films and at a moment try
To fly high
Between two towers
Or try to dive
At the middle of the sea
Don't follow criminals
At they doing or act
They want you
To be worst
As them in fact
If you do that
You will late your land
Two back steps
As you are danger
Than the attacking enemy
You are the best
If you do her demand
متحركة روعة الجمال