The step of immigration

There were the men
The prophet and his friend
Who actually succeeded
And hide from their pursuers
They gave a great tale
"If they are seen or caught
Or given a great know
About their walk
Especially the prophet
He will give a great reward"
They gathered at front
Of his house's door
Thee first fighter accepted
To be stayed at his bed
To make them looser
And return their wealth
Were given to the prophet
To keep them from seeping
Faithful was called
As well as honest
They stayed for three days
The friend's daughter gave
Their need and demand
His brother used the sheep
To wide her steps' effects
When they were out
To complete their road
They were at sight
Who said "I catch the reward"
He wasted every one asked
About the those passing
Till he surly trusted
No one saw them
He rode his horse
Till he was nearest them
He called at the prophet
"Oh mohamed , moamamed"
The prophet said '
Don't be attended "
His horse suddenly dropped
He was also downed
He stood again and rode
The horse and followed
Them to catch and get
The big wealth and reward
It was hundred of camels' heads
He called again
And he dropped again
He repeated it the third
He dropped to earth
He know that
They were protected
He followed theam and called
"Mohamed,here is my arrows
Go to my land
And take what you want
Of camels or sheep"
The prophet promised him
He will wear the Persia's imperator

 صورة كلمة محمد رسول الله بالانجليزيه